Caligula Augustus Germanicus

L‘état,c’est moi

you don't know

maybe there sth you don't know
you don't know
and i will never let you know
yes right here
right next by you
i can see your eyes directly
green whit grey
down me the depths of hell
i ll never let you know
on the other side of the world
round round and round in the earth
cross the Greenwich
eight hours we last
twenty years we last

can i just find it
find what we lost
and put all pieces together
becoming your ribs
When the first time we meet in Edam
I know I can't escape from heart-broken
but maybe i share never let you know
How deep I love you
Release your into heaven
Broken my wings drop into the sea
You don't know that
I'll never let you know that

I'll burt all my sadness
I'll Burt my love too
Burying all around me
burying my ash heart my rusty love
In fire there a phoenis
Maybe you 'll never know